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Jerrod P.

The classes produces results! It is exciting to get the same burn and results as if I was in the gym for at least two hours lifting weights. 

Deneen V.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Candy for 9 years. My very first Zumba class was with her and it was crazy... I left and never went back. I finally went back and NEVER left! 9 years later and I'm still with her! She has become part of my family!

Zandra S.

This work out will get you the results you want all while having a great time! The music makes you want to move and moves make you want to dance! You must try it at least once, then you will be hooked. This is not the same old work out routines , this is Intense and fun!! It pushes you to your limit and beyond your comfort zone.
I love the burn, the challenge, and my endurance level has increased since I’ve started this work out!

Tarika K.

These classes are fun and I don't miss a day! We have a fitness community where we encourage each other. Candace takes pride in the service that she provides. I would recommend these classes to anyone looking for accountability and a workout that is challenging but fun. I am an island girl and it’s definitely Candace’s beautiful spirit and the music for me!! 

Alea Laje B.

She brings so much energy when she teaches and it’s a workout that you will not forget! I love her 😍!

Ann Cassell aka "Mama A" (Age 65)

Two words to describe Candace Alexander is Humble and Compassionate! Intense Fiyaaaaa Fitness is beyond a total body dance fitness class. It is spiritual based family where you are in a "judgement free" inspiring zone! It has truly helped me on my fitness journey for almost 10 years! You can feel the "love" from each class member from the time you enter to the time you leave.

We Are Stronger Together!

Barbara G.

I have been with Candace for about seven years, she is very loving, encouraging, inspiring, and motivating person. She will give you and excellent workout!

Jessica A.

The classes are fun, the results are real, and Candace is a power house all by herself! Her drive and enthusiasm motivates you to challenge yourself to obtain the results you want! The music and moves are the cherry on top!

Seletia H.

I have been with Candace since August 2019. She is not just a teacher ; She is a motivator for a healthier life style that encourages her students to live ! I enjoy Candace’s class so much that I have invited over 10 people to take the class with me. The results make you want to come back for more.  I have dropped one whole size and my diabetes are almost under control as well! 

Rere B.

I have been dancing with this AMAZING SOUL FOR ALMOST 4 years now !!
She is such a Kind/ Loving / Free Spirit and Soul.  The classes are SOOOOOOOO FIYAHHHH!

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